Rattling Coughs and Cheddar Cheese: Phil's Story of Respiratory Distress and Food Allergies

The cough began with a rumble in his gut then rattled up the back of his throat and mouth, then echoed through the air in explosive bursts. After suffering nearly half of his 63 years with the cough, Phil was almost more familiar with its sound than the tone of his own voice. Phil began searching for relief 20 years ago, but even his helpful and knowledgeable pulmonologist could only numb the growing discomfort. Finally, when Phil was hospitalized with bronchitis and pneumonia, he began look into other influencing factors. He was amazed to read about the intersection of food allergies and respiratory ailments for a possible answer. ! Phil scheduled an appointment at Digestive Health Ann Arbor the next day. Their expert 96-allergen food panel test (called ELISA) and advanced RAST test quickly showed that Phil was allergic to eggs, dairy and gluten. After avoiding these foods for a month, Phil's cough completely disappeared. Comprehending his body's relationship to food was the key to unlocking true wellness. By changing the conversation about his cough and finding the root cause, Phil transformed his health and his life.