4-Step Method for Curing Digestive Disorders

While the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America purports the idea that digestive disorders should be treated with medications and surgery, there are many noninvasive and inexpensive methods for dealing with these issues.

  1. Removal of Food Allergens

Often the culprit of a digestive disorder is something we have ingested. A simple food allergy test can determine quickly, and inexpensively, what these foods may be.

  1. Removal of Antibiotics and Sugars

Antibiotics kill all bacteria indiscriminately, meaning they annihilate both good and bad bacteria. While antibiotics may help digestive infections and disorders initially, they set us up for future digestive failure. Sugars feed harmful bacteria and yeasts. Removing them from our diets starves out these harmful bacteria, allowing helpful bacteria to flourish.

  1. Probiotics

One of the major contributors to proper digestion and absorption are probiotics, healthful bacteria that live throughout our intestines. When our probiotic numbers are low, or harmful bacteria numbers are high, this imbalance can lead to digestive malfunction. Consult a medical practitioner about which supplements and foods will suit your particular needs.

  1. Other Supplements

Besides probiotics, there are many other supplements that help calm and ease an over-stressed digestive tract. Speak with an appropriate health practitioner for more information on what supplements are right for you.