Curing Power of Food: Holistic Cancer Therapy Diet

There is no one way to cure cancer. To face down one of our nation’s top killers, we need the support of an integrated, multidisciplinary team. The newest developments in medicine and the latest advances in thermogram, ultrasound and mammography technology are extremely useful. Supporting these efforts with a healthy immune system can make a world of difference.

The Gerson Therapy is applicable to most any chronic ailment. It's another example of the curing power of food, and the innate healing capabilities of our own cells. These days it is difficult to navigate grocery stores to build healthful dinner plates. Our lifestyles and food options are not always conducive to promoting vibrant, complete health. The Gerson Therapy is an extreme elimination diet, necessary for those who are very ill and in great need of detoxification, or an option for those who wish to live a very pure lifestyle in order to prevent the onset of disease. Wherever you are in your path of healing, we hope these stories inspire you to trust in the power of your own body.

At Digestive Health Ann Arbor we provide professional and compassionate care guiding people towards a comprehensive and holistic strategy of healing. Restoring your body to health will restore the quality of your life.

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