Gary’s Story: Coping with the impossible. Cancer hitting home.

Many of the people that are close to me know that my wife Mariah is being treated for a fairly aggressive form of breast cancer. My older sister Sharon passed away last fall (2015) from a long term battle with leukemia, and overall it has been a lot for me to take in.

I am challenged to understand the indiscriminate nature of cancer. My healing and dealing (or coping) process is to share my story and kind of put it all out there. To share the grist of what I am feeling. Share my life. Explore what works and what doesn’t work. Learn together. Let go of the “right and wrong” of the decisions and judgments we have and make.

So, on National Women’s Day, I would like to start the first of a series dedicated to my wife and her strength. I want to share my journey of supporting my wife and my process of coping and self-discovery in this very stressful place. I want to create a space to explore, support and create a community where we can stumble together towards a deeper understanding of life and ourselves.

My hope is that many of you who have also been affected by cancer may engage in this conversation. Look out for some future posts, and please feel free to reach out to me at any point if you have stories to share.