Surprising Truth about ADHD

This may sound like a strange analogy, but Dr. Doris Rapp, environmental medicine and allergy specialist, often compares children who suffer from food allergies to barrels.



Specific fluid capacity

Specific food allergy capacity

Spills when overfull

Spills (with symptoms) when overfull

Capacity does not change day-by-day

Capacity can change day-by-day depending on exposure level, type and general physical/emotional health

8 ADHD Symptoms: Once the barrel is overfull, these symptoms may appear.

1. red ear lobes

2. dark circles under their eyes

3. glazed eyes

4. behavioral swings

5. inattention, restlessness, distractibility

6. aggression

7. withdrawn, disinterested behavior 

8. difficulties learning language, diagnosis of dyslexia

In a nutritional disorder study review conducted by Bobner et. al, they state “Millions of dollars are spent annually on special education programs for children whose behavior prevent them from participating in the regular school setting despite average or above average intellectual capacity. A growing body of research indicates that some of these behavioral disorders are related to nutritional problems.”

Why don't healthcare professionals take a closer look at nutrition? Delayed reaction allergies to nuts, dairy, eggs, soy and processed foods are taking a huge toll on our public education system and family dynamics. If your child suffers from ADHD or ADD, take a second look at their diet.