Efficacy of the Gerson Therapy for Cancer Alternative Treatment

Proving the Efficacy of the Gerson Therapy

The Limitations of the Scientific Method

Critics of the Gerson Therapy say that it is unproven. In the words of Barrie Cassileth, Ph.D and American Cancer Society Spokesperson in 2007, “...no diet has ever been shown to cure cancer.” However, you cannot prove the therapy in the same way you prove a drug in a double-blind, randomized trial. The scientific method only tests for one variable at a time, while the Gerson Therapy is a lifestyle change involving multiple variables. In other words, science is not equipped to test the Gerson Therapy.

Dr. Gerson's Struggle with an Unyielding Medical Community

In 1938, Dr. Gerson fled Nazi Germany and moved to New York City. Over the course of 20 years he treated hundreds of cancer patients. However, Dr. Gerson's methods were not widely accepted in the United States. It was considered “radical” to believe that diet could affect health. Dr. Gerson spent the second half of his life attempting to convince the medical community that nutrition was a less invasive and more successful treatment for chronic illnesses. Even today, only 11 states uphold laws which protect the patient's access to alternative therapies from licensed physicians, thereby allowing the use of something other than radiation, chemotherapy and surgery in the treatment of cancer. Though these treatments are often successful in killing cancerous cells, they often also poison the patient.

Two Different Approaches to Cancer Treatment

Cancer research these days functions on a molecular level. Many doctors believe that if we learn when and how cancer genes are turned on, then we can create medications to turn them off. The Gerson Therapy uses an entirely different approach by removing proven carcinogens and supporting the immune system with a superdose of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.