The Power of Holistic Medicine in Treating Infertility: Meet Allie

At least 6 million people of reproductive age in the US (that's 7.4% of the population) are struggling with infertility. Causes of infertility can vary from genetics (e.g. PCOS), to illness, to the unexplained. Making things even more stressful is the number of infertility treatments available on the market. Every couple has different experiences and different needs; every treatment has different success rates and different risks--so how do you know which treatment will work for you?

Through a combination of functional medicine, diet changes, the right supplements, acupuncture, and blood work, Ann Arbor Holistic Health is able to help many women find balance and successfully conceive. Meet one of them: Allie, a 33 year old Michigan native (and her beautiful daughter Scarlett)! Allie is a project coordinator for a Detroit automaker who enjoys cooking, being outdoors, and genealogical research. She was gracious enough to share her experience at Ann Arbor Holistic Health with our readers.

Can you tell us a bit of your story with Gary?

I got married at 29 and [my partner and I] began “trying” within a few months of our wedding.  I expected to have difficulties conceiving due to irregular and infrequent periods, as well as diagnosed PCOS.  My doctor strongly advised I start taking Clomid and I wanted to try an alternative/holistic approach first.
I’ve received acupuncture from Gary in conjunction with Clomid for both pregnancies.  The second pregnancy (I’m currently about 3 months pregnant), I actually got pregnant after several failed cycles of Clomid, but while receiving acupuncture and using the supplements Gary recommended.  So, the success of this current pregnancy can be attributed completely to Gary!

What kinds of services has Gary been able to help you with?

He helped me achieve two pregnancies - one beautiful daughter, and baby #2 still cooking.
In addition to PCOS and irregular periods, my periods were extremely painful and my doctor suspects endometriosis.  She prescribed Tylenol 3 with codeine, which helped take the edge off the pain.  With acupuncture, my periods were immediately regulated (even before the first round of Clomid, which also helps regulate) and the pain was greatly reduced to where a single ibuprofen or even nothing at all was needed.  The regulation and pain reduction amaze me almost more than the fertility help!

What was your perception of conventional medicine before your choice to pursue holistic treatments, and has that changed after?

I believe conventional Western medicine has its value.  Sometimes, however, Western medicine’s aim is simply to ease or erase symptoms with the use of drugs or surgeries, not necessarily resolve the problem causing the symptoms.  

What sorts of things did you learn about yourself and your body as you were receiving holistic treatments?

I happily learned that my irregularities and pain could be easily managed with relaxing acupuncture.  Holistic treatments seem to be a much more gentler way of coaxing your body back to health & optimal function.  And my body certainly responded positively.

What advice would you give to other women going through what you once did?

Don’t waste another day trying to self-diagnose or fret over medical intervention.  Try acupuncture with Gary.  I certainly wouldn’t spend a dime on IUI or IVF without first trying acupuncture.