13 Carcinogens that Cause Cancer

What is Cancer?

Cancer cells are parasitic and immortal. They serve no special function in the body and grow to such a large size that they eventually kill their own host.

Cancer: Then and Now

-        Late 1940s: 1/16 incidence of cancer

-        Today: According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will have cancer in industrialized nations.

What Causes Cancer: 13 Groups of Carcinogens

It goes far beyond just cigarettes. Charlotte Gerson, Max Gerson's daughter, has written extensively about the “multiple-hit theory,” which predicts that all cancers result from at least two “hits” to cellular genes. Over time as the “hits” add up and interact, a breaking point is reached and cancerous growth is literally switched on. Charlotte enumerated 49 hits in her book. Here I have compiled that list into 14 groups.

  1. Radiation (atmospheric cosmic rays, x-rays, sunlight's ultraviolet rays, ionizing radiation, microwave oven radiation, non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation from domestic appliances, nuclear radiation, irradiated foods)
  2. Electromagnetic (chronic electromagnetic field exposure, geopathic stress, overhead power lines, nerve interference fields)
  3. Polluted water (general pollutants, chlorine, fluorine).
  4. Food and digestion (pesticide/herbicide residues, food additives, diet or nutritional deficiencies, consumption of synthetic “frankenfoods,” intestinal toxicity or digestive impairment)
  5. Infections (bacterial and fungal)
  6. Parasites
  7. Polluted environment (industrial toxins, sick building syndrome)
  8. Drugs (tobacco, steady use of prescription or nonprescription drugs, alcohol)
  9. Pharmaceutical medications (hormonal therapies, immune-suppressive drugs)
  10. Emotional (chronic mental stress)
  11. Toxic metals (mercury toxicity, toxic metal syndrome)
  12.  Dental procedures (dental amalgam fillings, dental root canals, dental metals of all types)
  13. Cellular (cellular oxygen deficiency, adverse cellular terrain, oncogenes- cellular genes that change normal cells into cancerous ones, genetic predisposition)

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Cancer? Cure with Gerson Therapy, Dr. Max Gerson

Dr. Max Gerson: From Observant Child to Medical Pioneer

Dr. Gerson was an observant child. In Germany, where he was born and lived for most of his life, he noted that earthworms had an adverse reaction to chemical fertilizer sprayed over potato crops. If the  chemicals sickened the worms, what are the effects on human health?, he wondered. From a young age he realized that our natural environment is a huge contributing factor to human health. As a young man, Dr. Gerson suffered consistent migraine headaches. He experimented with different elimination diets and eventually discovered that he could eradicate his migraines entirely through eating certain raw foods. He called this new diet “The Gerson Migraine Diet.” He prescribed this diet to many patients who had migraines, and they experienced similar success. The diet was even able to cure a patient with skin tuberculosis. Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch, M.D., a thoracic surgeon and contemporary of Dr. Gerson, invited Dr. Gerson to establish a special skin tuberculosis treatment program at the Munich University Hospital. In a clinical trial, 446 out of 450 skin tuberculosis patients treated with “The Gerson Migraine Diet” recovered completely. The treatment was used widely in Germany to treat heart disease, kidney failure, and cancer.

The Gerson Therapy: Simple, Straightforward and Effective

When I first read about the Gerson Therapy, it seemed too simple to be true. Just flush the system of toxins and replenish vitamins, minerals and enzymes? What about radiation? Surgery? Chemotherapy? What about lost hair, nausea, and a hospital bed? We normally see cancer as a great hardship, an enormously taxing physical and mental journey from which most never return. The idea that cancer patients could stay at home, eat healthful food, and never set foot in a hospital seemed out of the realm of possibility. But the testimonials were impossible to ignore. Many cancer survivors attribute their good health to the Gerson Therapy. And when I dug more deeply into what causes cancer in the first place, the Gerson path towards healing made much more sense.

Stephanie's Story: A Perspective on Fighting Cancer

Stephanie was diagnosed with cancer at the age of six. She had a Wilms tumor, a kidney cancer found only in children. Removal of her right kidney led to the terrifying discovery that the cancer had spread to her lungs and most alarmingly into the right chamber of her heart. After 16 surgeries, numerous drugs and countless bouts of radiation, Stephanie was a wisp of a girl and the cancer was still there. The doctors said she wasn't going to make it. Her family was desperate. They would do anything to save her, but none of the new drugs worked. Stephanie's body was so weakened by all the treatments that she could barely stand, let alone dream of going through another bout of chemotherapy or radiation. Stephanie's parents braced themselves for her death, but refused to give up.

After researching alternative healing methods, Stephanie's parents discovered the Gerson Method. The Gerson Method seemed like the best way for Stephanie's body to gain strength and heal before the next round of treatments. Stephanie and her mother stayed at the Gerson Institute for a few weeks. They came home and continue the therapy today, six years later. Stephanie never once returned to the hospital for radiation, chemotherapy or drugs. Her body is now on the road to recovery. Her hair has grown back and she can finally attend school. Though her body has been stunted from the years of drugs and radiation, she has a luminous smile and an incredibly upbeat attitude. Her parents, who remember holding Stephanie in their arms when she weighed a mere 60 pounds on her 11th birthday, consider the Gerson family dear friends.


The Gerson Method, which was meant to be a breather between more rigorous treatments, saved Stephanie's life. When I watched Stephanie's interview in The Gerson Miracle, a documentary about the Method, I was stunned. The whole documentary, in fact, seemed unbelievable to me. Where was the proof? And if people like Stephanie could be cured with such a simple, straightforward method, why wasn't the whole world lining up outside the Gerson Institute's doorstep? In my line of work I need to see the facts before I am willing to try something myself, or recommend it to my friends and patients. I had to find evidence in other ways, through the testimonials of actual survivors. There are thousands of complete medical files on cancer patients who have experienced total recovery on the Gerson Therapy.