Gerson Therapy Holistic Cancer Treatment

The Gerson Therapy

Dr. Max Gerson was lauded by Dr. Albert Schweitzer, a Nobel Laureate and a former sufferer of Type II diabetes who was cured by the Gerson Therapy, as “one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine.” Dr. Gerson began what it is now known as the Gerson Therapy, a natural treatment for cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and other chronic ailments. The therapy stimulates the body's own ability to heal itself through

  1. an organic, vegetarian diet
  2. raw juices
  3. coffee enemas
  4. natural supplements

1. Why an organic, vegetarian diet?

Organic vegetables pack a stronger nutritional punch than their genetically modified, conventional counterparts. Also, conventional produce is usually sprayed with potent pesticides. The chemicals found in these pesticides are proven carcinogens. The Gerson Therapy is extremely low in sodium, fats and proteins. Though protein is required for growth, too much creates acidity and strains the kidney, thereby slowing down the detoxification process. All fats except for flaxseed oil are entirely eliminated. Salt, which increases blood pressure and can lead to heart disease, is also cut out.

2. How and why juicing works:

Juicing is a critical element of the Gerson Therapy. The vegetable or fruit is pulverized to rip open the fibrous cells, allowing nutrients and living enzymes to flow out. These nutrients and vitamins instantly hit our bodies, whereas many nutrients are burned during the digestion of solid foods. By drinking more than a pint of juice a day, toxins are dislodged into the bloodstream and absorbed by the liver. The dislodging of toxins can be overwhelming and damaging for our liver if not properly supported. This is where the coffee enema comes in.

3. Coffee enema?

Though the idea of coffee enemas is more than a little off-putting, many savvy doctors have pointed out that chemotherapy and radiation are much more invasive procedures. The coffee enema stimulates the bioducts and liver to dump poisons into the colon for expulsion through the rectum. The enema works in tandem with the juicing, which pushes toxins into the bloodstream and then on to the liver. These enemas eliminate the lifelong buildup of toxins in the liver.

4. What kind of natural supplements?

The medications used in conjunction with the Gerson Therapy are classified as biologicals, organic substances that are supplied in therapeutic amounts to treat specific deficiencies. Some examples are Potassium compound, Lugol's solution, Vitamin B-12, Thyroid hormone and pancreatic enzymes.

Stephanie's Story: A Perspective on Fighting Cancer

Stephanie was diagnosed with cancer at the age of six. She had a Wilms tumor, a kidney cancer found only in children. Removal of her right kidney led to the terrifying discovery that the cancer had spread to her lungs and most alarmingly into the right chamber of her heart. After 16 surgeries, numerous drugs and countless bouts of radiation, Stephanie was a wisp of a girl and the cancer was still there. The doctors said she wasn't going to make it. Her family was desperate. They would do anything to save her, but none of the new drugs worked. Stephanie's body was so weakened by all the treatments that she could barely stand, let alone dream of going through another bout of chemotherapy or radiation. Stephanie's parents braced themselves for her death, but refused to give up.

After researching alternative healing methods, Stephanie's parents discovered the Gerson Method. The Gerson Method seemed like the best way for Stephanie's body to gain strength and heal before the next round of treatments. Stephanie and her mother stayed at the Gerson Institute for a few weeks. They came home and continue the therapy today, six years later. Stephanie never once returned to the hospital for radiation, chemotherapy or drugs. Her body is now on the road to recovery. Her hair has grown back and she can finally attend school. Though her body has been stunted from the years of drugs and radiation, she has a luminous smile and an incredibly upbeat attitude. Her parents, who remember holding Stephanie in their arms when she weighed a mere 60 pounds on her 11th birthday, consider the Gerson family dear friends.


The Gerson Method, which was meant to be a breather between more rigorous treatments, saved Stephanie's life. When I watched Stephanie's interview in The Gerson Miracle, a documentary about the Method, I was stunned. The whole documentary, in fact, seemed unbelievable to me. Where was the proof? And if people like Stephanie could be cured with such a simple, straightforward method, why wasn't the whole world lining up outside the Gerson Institute's doorstep? In my line of work I need to see the facts before I am willing to try something myself, or recommend it to my friends and patients. I had to find evidence in other ways, through the testimonials of actual survivors. There are thousands of complete medical files on cancer patients who have experienced total recovery on the Gerson Therapy.