Asthma, Food Allergies and Children: What Every Parent Must Know

• The number of asthma-related deaths in developed nations is increasing at alarming rates.

• There is mounting evidence that implicates food allergies as a leading cause of asthma.

What should parents do? Educate themselves and find out the truth. Most doctors do not test for food allergies. Parents of asthma sufferers must be proactive and find appropriate care.

As we mentioned in last month's blogs, there are 3 basic treatment choices:

  1. Remove the cause
  2. Treat the symptoms
  3. Alter the host to be more tolerant of the cause

Unfortunately, despite advances in pharmaceutical therapy, asthma sufferers still have a high mortality rate. If your child suffers from asthma, don't wait. Removing a single food from your child's diet could alleviate all symptoms and save your child's life.